Hi , Im Ella and this is my first ever blog entry. My interest in blogging began when I joined twitter. I began to meet other mums , who had blogs. I enjoyed reading the blogs, some made me laugh, some inspired me and I could see that this was a great way to document my family life as my children grow.

I have deliberated about whether I would make my blog public , feeling a little nervous about adding my voice to the thriving blogging community. Nerves and a tendency to say stupid things when I’m nervous made me question whether publishing my thoughts was a good idea ?? Anyway I have decided I’m doing it , a creative outlet will be good for me , if not my readers.

My plan for this blog is to write about my life as a stay at home mom to 3. My children are Super Kid (4) our little genius , Robo Boy(2) the clown of the family and Wonder Girl (our baby) . Prior to becoming a mum I was a circus artist, juggler , acrobat and dabbler in trapeze.These days however due to childcare issues (that and not wanting to put my postnatal saggy bits in a leotard) I’m juggling my busy family (see what I did there !).I’m married to Dave , handsome ex stilt walker turned electrician, what can I say he rocks my world.

So feel free to comment , and happy reading