Before I became pregnant with Robo Boy my second child I was a vegetarian, and had been for about 18 years.Then when I was about 14 weeks pregnant an overwhelming urge struck me. I wanted fish, specifically smoked salmon, and I wanted it right now!
No ethical questions entered my head so strong was my urge so I sent my bewildered husband Dave to the local co-op for smoked salmon and quick. He returned looking slightly scared to tell me that they had none in stock but not to worry he would run me to the supermarket.
I literally ran into Tesco grabbed a pack of salmon, payed got in my car opened the pack and devoured the lot like a wild animal.
Once sated I felt pretty bad, fish have feelings and can be farmed intensively. I swore I wouldn’t eat any more, but the urges to eat fish were overwhelming and during that pregnancy I reckon I ate entire schools of salmon and tuna. I decided to just go with it. After all I could give it up after the baby was born and no longer making these fishy demands.
Anyway I did stop eating fish and felt much less guilty returning to my plant based diet. A year or so later I found myself pregnant with baby number 3 and pretty soon the cravings returned. This time I didn’t just want fish I wanted raw fish , I ate sushi as often as I could, I could not get enough of it. I didn’t even feel particularly bad about it, it was so yummy.
So after Wonder Girl was born fish had become a pretty regular part of my diet, and I was not entirely convinced that I wanted to give up my sushi fix. She is now four months old, and I am still eating fish a couple of times a week.
I think I am a Piscatorian, a vegetarian who eats fish, and perhaps I can live with that. I can’t justify it, though I can try to eat organic fish which has had a long and happy life. I do have pangs of guilt, particularly when I visit aquariums, but this is the situation for now. Perhaps at some point in the future I’ll return to full vegetarianism (never a vegan- I love cheese way too much), but for now I’m standing up and declaring I am a piscatorian and I don’t have to justify it to anyone.