This is what my body looked like before I had any children. I was a circus artist, and in this particular picture doing my favourite circus skill, acrobalance. Basically I balanced on my hunk of a hubby in a variety of ways. It was fun, graceful and made me feel like a Circus Queen.






This is what I look like now and if my husband and I tried to perform the move in the photograph above, we might need to put in a call to a doctor afterwards.

My body has changed so much that sometimes I find it unrecognisable. Where do I start ? My tummy is soft and saggy, like an overstretched deflated balloon. My breasts are massive, seriously im considering naming them, so much do they dominate my every conversation with a man these days. They are also (when out of their supportive hammocks) extremely saggy, they will not be passing the pencil test any time soon (ladies you know what I mean).

I used to be able to look pretty good throwing on a tight t-shirt and jeans. Now I have to carefully consider my wardrobe, will it hide the bits I want to hide, emphasize the best bits, wear well, and hide the patch of baby sick on my shoulder. I don’t need a dressmaker, I need a miracle worker.

But do you know what, I don’t care (well not too much) because my body has given me beautiful, beautiful babies. It has grown them brilliantly (all my babies were over 9lb) and fed them fantastically. They cuddle up to me unaware of my saggy bits. They see their mum and all the fun we have, not the number written on the label in my clothes.

I want to live in a world where this is what matters, so I’m refusing to give up cake. I’m refusing to look in a mirror and see anything other than what an amazing, fantastic, job my body has done.