I admit it, I’m an easily irritated person. One of the things that winds me up the most is lateness! Now don’t misunderstand, I get that sometimes things happen unexpectedly. I get that these things can happen when people are due to meet me. I get that babies can fill nappies/need feeding. I get that traffic can build. I get that phones can ring etc etc.

I do not get how they happen to some of my friends seemingly every time we arrange to meet.
Surely these people must be incredibly unlucky?

Obviously, when it comes to punctuality I am proudly usually on time. Here’s my secret… I consider the time I’m due. Then I work backwards. I plan what time I’ll need to get ready, taking into account my ridiculously slow children. I plan what time I’ll need to leave. Then bingo! I’m on time.It’s not hard people.

Today a friend, (who will probably be reading this, sorry.) arranged to stop by at four. At half past four my friend had not arrived. When he did arrive 40 mins late he breezed in announcing “sorry I was transferring photos to my computer. Then I got chatting to a friend.”

I do not get it. Firstly, I would not have been in this position. I would have known when to stop the essential computer photo mission. Secondly, if I were running late I would have politely told the friend I met in the street “can’t stop running late.”

I’ve even tried being late myself so that I am on the same time zone as my friends. I set clocks late. Set myself little traps like putting on my babies nappy a little too loose, so it’s bound to leak as I’m due to leave. Despite these pitfalls, I somehow always seem to manage to arrive first regardless. It’s as if my friends counter my contrived lateness with even later lateness! Honestly.

If anyone is still following my rant you are probably thinking, what does it matter? Half an hour is neither here nor there. You are right of course. It’s just that usually the plans I have made are to help me escape the insanity of parenting three children under five. Either, a friend will give me a grown up to chat to, or a child or two for my children to play with. Better yet both.

So if you’re my friend and you think I’m really getting my knickers in a twist over nothing. Try to understand, I’m just an overworked mum and I only want you to be on time, because I love your company.

For my part I’ll try to get on board with lateness. Because I have a feeling it’s here to stay.