As you know we are spending this week at a circus festival. Super Kid has started reception class, as this is only his second week we have been driving him to school each day. Luckily the circus festival is only a 30 min drive from school. Unfortunately I have been arriving at school muddy, hungover and slightly smelly. This is not the first impression I would have planned for the teachers and other families.

On Monday having dropped Super Kid at school I headed back to the festival. I went straight to the festival cafe for lunch. Now having attended a lot of these types of events in my lifetime I have made a discovery. I can tell you I now know why traveller, hippy types have a distinct smell. If you have ever been to Glastonbury Festival you will know the smell I mean. Its a combination of slight unwashedness, joss sticks and and turnips.

Now the slight unwashed smell is fairly easy to explain. The joss sticks smell has an obvious cause. The turnips are not so obvious. I have to say having eaten in a vegetarian, hippy cafe, I am now slightly whiffing of turnips myself. Put it this way lots of lentils and fibre wreaks havoc on the digestive system.

Anyway after lunch myself, Robo Boy and Wonder Girl headed to the big top to escape the rain. In the big top people where juggling. Some where practising acrobatics. Others sitting around playing board games and drinking tea. Robo Boy quickly found a friend and some juggling props to play with. Wonder Girl got passed from person to person, enjoying all the attention. I took the opportunity to practise my juggling.

That evening someone had organised a backgammon tournament. I decided to enter. Now I have to tell you I’m not a brilliant loser. I appreciate that’s not something most people would admit to but hey this is my blog and I’ll be honest if nothing else.

So I played my first opponent and to my excitement I won. Unfortunately this is where I made a bit of a fool of myself. I started packing away the counters, scanning the room for the next person I would be due to play. I also may have muttered some slightly embarrassing things like ”in your face” to the loser. At this point she gleefully told me that we were to play the best of three games. Red faced I set up the board again and proceeded to be knocked out of the tournament by losing the next two games. Oops.

So that’s it for todays installment. Tommorow I will be taking photo’s for my day in photo’s post on Friday.