Last week we spent nine days at a circus festival. Its hard to explain to someone outside the circus world exactly what it is like at an event like this. So, I decided to try and take a days worth of photos. I set my alarm to every hour and took a photo of whatever was happening at the time. Hopefully the result will give you a real feel for the event.

7 am: We had a visitor into our motor home for breakfast. So this is my three, and their friend Felix eating breakfast in our motor home.

8 am: After breakfast Robo Boy took the opportunity to play with Felix’s car. This car had some adventures of it’s own, being driven by nearly all the children at the festival.

9 am: Robo Boy (btw Super Kid was at school all morning) decided to do some juggling practise. Needing to look the part he dressed up a little. The look was good, the juggling… not so much.

10 am: Obviously after lots of playing with Robo Boy I needed a cup of tea with my friends.

11 am: A workshop is happening. To be honest I’m not sure what it is about. Possibly how to perform a street show. I didn’t make it to any workshops this year.

12 pm: This tree is opposite our motor home. I sit in a camping chair in front of the motor home. The children are all playing. Parenting in a field is much easier.

1 pm: After lunch I go into the big top to see what’s happening. Lots of juggling. Juggling is pretty tricky to photograph as it turns out.

2 pm: Wonder Girl loving the attention she gets having her bath in a tub.

3 pm: My friend Jenny multi tasking.

4 pm: Breastfeeding Wonder Girl.

5 pm: Then, feeding the rest of the family.

6 pm: The sun sets

7 pm: The audience are in the big top for the end of the week show.

8 pm: Robo Boy, Super Kid and Dave perform a short acrobatic balancing routine. It goes very well, hopefully the love of circus has been passed down for our children to enjoy.

So this was our day in pictures at the circus festival. Now we are home, we are already missing our motor home and all our circus family. I’ve really enjoyed reconnecting with my love of circus. I realize that even though now  I’m a stay at home mom , I’ll always be a circus girl at heart.