My husband is ten years older than me (don’t tell him I told you that). Now, when I was in my twenties this was all cool. Catherine Zeta Jones was having children with Micheal Douglas and he was looking good on it.

I did however wonder a little about what happened when he got older (my husband that is not Mr Douglas). Would I become uncool ten years before my time because of his aging?Looking back, I didn’t need to worry as I was never that cool to start with.

In the last few years my husband has started to become concerned about his sight. He is finding it hard to read smaller text. Obviously I was concerned about the problems this was causing him, so we started looking for some reading glasses. Now I can tell you this, most men’s reading glasses are seriously uncool. It’s as if now my man is getting older he should care less about his appearance.

So my husband tolerated his boring reading glasses, they did the job. However when we were offered the chance to try out the Snazzy Specs range of men’s reading glasses we were pretty excited.

We chose four pairs of glasses from the range. There are lots of options to choose from. Some are cool, some quirky. I’m sure there is a pair for most personalities. These specs are fun and functional.

As you can see my handsome husband gave each pair a thorough testing. Our personal favourite are the Amerigo, they are funky and I’m sure you will agree look great on my man.

Luckily for my readers, the folks at Snazzy Specs have also agreed to let me give away a pair of men’s or women’s reading glasses. To enter this competition what you need to do is leave a comment telling me your favourite thing about getting older (making sure I get your email address).

For an extra entry you can tweet ”I want to win snazzy specs with @purpleella at ”.

For the super keen you can get another entry by subscribing to my blog.

Closing date for the competition is 14th October 2011 when I’ll pick a winner at random.