My second child Robo Boy was born a determined chap. When he was a baby, he had the loudest scream you have ever heard. He literally sounded like he was communicating with marine mammals. If things did not go the way he wanted, he would scream so loudly that you would find yourself jumping to attention and fulfilling his needs. Anything to make the brain hurting reverberating noise stop!
These days,to be honest not a lot has changed.
As you know last week we were camping. On our return you can only imagine the mountain of washing I have piling up in every room of my home. I have spent the last couple of days in a post christmas style denial that things must return to normality. I have washed very little and cooked about the same.
So today,I realised I needed to face reality and create some order in our home. Beds needed changing. Floors needed hoovering. Most of all washing mountains needed tackling. Unfortunately with a preschooler and a baby at home this was never going to be a particularly easy task.
Just to make my life a little easier, the Annoying Pixies had visited our home and sprinkled their magic dust on Robo Boy.
Tell me am I alone in finding the endless chatter of a preschooler dull ? I’m fairly sure that Robo Boy’s constant stream of incoherent ramblings today would have pushed a sane women to the edge. Unfortunately I’m not particularly sane to start with.
Add to the chattering, his desire to climb furniture. Now Robo Boy, (bless his heart) can have an accident in an empty room. So,to see him tottering on step stools, holding cups of squash, is a dangerous prospect not to be ignored.
To finish it off, every time I explained to Robo Boy how much work I had to do he would nod understandingly. Then ten seconds later, when I was engaged in said activity, he would force a book in my face and ask “read this mummy?”
So by the end of the day I was feeling fairly done in. I had made a dent on the washing mountain and got through a few of my other jobs. I made it through tea without strangling anyone, despite having my arm tugged constantly whilst trying to eat an overloaded fajita.
The final straw came later. Robo Boy had been annoying his brother for some time. This was unprovoked, so he had been warned that if he continued he would be sent to bed. This is exactly what happened.
Once in bed, he did what any self respecting two year old, annoyed with his parents would do. He made himself sick. He was sick all over the bedding I had changed not two hours earlier. He was sick all over his last clean pair of pyjamas. Then he was sick all over me. Brilliant.
Honestly I sometimes wonder why I do it. Then he smiles at me with a genuine look of absolute adoration and I think it’s all worth it.
I love him for all of the above.
And then some.