One of Wonder Girl’s favourite times of day  is when I take her nappy off and she lies on the change mat, wriggling around enjoying the fresh air.

I can only imagine how nice it must feel to air your bits when they spend most of the day inside a soggy cloth nappy. So I try to make sure she gets some time without her nappy on every day. As an added bonus during this time she is pretty content. This means I can bumble around getting a few jobs done, brilliant. Or so I thought until today.

It took me a minute to realise what had happened. In fact my husband was at home and it was him that noticed it first. “Did you know about this?” he said pointing in Wonder Girl’s direction.

Wonder Girl was laid on the change mat kicking her legs contentedly, gurgling. Unfortunately at her rear end things were not so delightful. A large puddle of yellow, breastfed baby poop was pooled underneath her.

It seems she is a projectile pooper as she had also sent a large stream of poop a good 20cms away from herself. It lay like a river, on my beautiful stripey Ikea rug. My favourite, most indulgent, item of soft furnishings was now decorated with a line and several splatters of mustard yellow poop!

My husband stood and laughed as I cleaned it up. The second thought in my head after I had sorted her out was: “why didn’t I get a photo for the blog?” Alas! Luckily for you readers it was too late. Instead I will treat you to a picture of her in more favourable circumstance…