It has been one of those weeks. Wonder Girl is recovering from a nasty virus and her sleep patterns are all over the place (and I am a bit of a short tempered cow when I haven’t had enough sleep).

I have spent a large part of the last couple of days trying to get her to nap, unsuccessfully. Rocking her till my arms almost drop off. Gingerly placing her in her cot (Yeah, I know Gina blooming Ford,I’m doing it all wrong!) and tiptoeing away. Then ten mins later, while engaged with my other children (Oh how I love the game Buckeroo), I hear the cry of a still tired but very much awake Wonder Girl, on the baby monitor.

So here is a list of the things I would do/give if it would somehow get her to nap:

I would run for half an hour on a treadmill (even though doing so with my breastfeeding bazookas could lead to permanent injury).

I would allow my children to play with Play Doh on my carpet.

I would drop my son off at school wearing a bikini, with unshaven legs.

I would let my two year old eat my tub of Hagen Daas ice-cream. Then having not washed his hands I would allow him to tweet from my account,on my iPad.

Finally, I would allow any childcare guru,who claimed to be able to get her to sleep, full access to my bank account, and my husband.

Those of you who have had a baby who won’t nap know what I mean!