As you know I’m not a big fan of lateness. I think this in part is down to an obsessive need to keep my life organised. I don’t like mess or clutter. I’m not great with spontaneity. Basically I like to feel in control. I’m sure at this point my readers are slowly backing away from the weird uptight blogger, so let me explain.

I have a messy head For example: when I try to follow a train of thought it usually goes like this …. Right must get milk today,milk, OK brain-milk, gosh isn’t it cold. Cold enough for snow? Perhaps we will have snow, brilliant! Snowmen, sledging, oh! hot chocolate, mmm chocolate, now then what was I supposed to remember??
So you see, I need to be in control of things or my children would have been left in the park and I would be sat in the bath knitting.

To organise my life I have a whiteboard. The purpose of this post is to share the Secrets of the Whiteboard (gosh sounds like maybe this is going to turn into a religious order, the Monks of the Whiteboard?). Hopefully this will help other people (who like me spend large chunks of their day thinking about pixies) to not lose their children or their knitting.

So here is the whiteboard. It is not pretty but it is functional.

The first step in the ‘organise your life with a whiteboard’ plan is obviously to buy a whiteboard. For me the bigger the better, but then I need a lot of organising. Ok so I divide my whiteboard into five sections at the moment (the beauty is you can change it to suit whatever you need organising)

First in section one I have written the days of the week. This is my Weeks Calendar. I use Google calendar on my PC, phone and iPad. The problem is that I don’t necessarily remember to look at my cyber calendar.So on my board I write the current Weeks Calendar, for my whole family. Then I don’t forget any appointments for anyone. I also include jobs like laundry, and cleaning on the Daily Planner, as otherwise I really wouldn’t remember to do them.

Secondly I have a Meal Plan. I seriously love meal planning, it saves me from having to think about what to cook every day when I’m tired and uninspired. It also saves me from buying food I don’t need. I plan for five days of the week, leaving two days for spontaneity (and this is as ‘rock n roll’ as it gets in my home).

Thirdly and finally a Long Term Jobs list and a To Do Today list. The division of these lists is purely for self gratification ( I love a bit of self gratification!) So you could just have one to do list if you would prefer. I like to move jobs across to the To Do Today list because I like the satisfaction of a finished to do list, which would never happen otherwise.

Now I seriously doubt anyone is considering adopting my Whiteboard of Organisation at this point, probably anyone still reading is just giggling at my insanity. If anyone is though, you can basically customise your whiteboard however you want, with whatever lists suit your life. So go forth with multicoloured wipe clean pens and organise your life.