Happy Healthy Children.
Children who sleep twelve hours a night.
Children who quietly entertain themselves all day long, never fighting. Then tidy up after themselves, leaving no mess.
Children who eat whatever you cook for them, then thank you for a delicious meal.

A fulfilling and reasonably successful working life.
Being discovered as the next big writing talent. Then,despite no training or experience whatsoever,getting offered a book deal and writing brilliant and inspiring novels.
That said books get turned into Oscar winning films.
That due to red carpet commitments and time constraints I need a team of staff (think nannies, chefs, stylists, grape peelers) to get me through each day.

My husband and I will have a long and happy marriage. We will enjoy every stage of our life together from child rearing to retirement.
All of the above with my husband who has turned into a doppleganger for Jonny Depp and has started earning a similar income.