Recently we went to Cyprus to visit my parents,who live there. The most challenging part of this trip was having to take three children under five to an airport. We had to negotiate all that occurs from check in to boarding our plane. We had to do this while remaining sane (I don’t think they let you on the plane if you are obviously delusional and ranty). Then we had to keep three small people (prone to meltdowns) entertained for four hours on the plane.

Fortunately the chaps at Trunki helped us out a little by giving us a lovely new suitcase. Not just any old Trunki either (though they are all lovely) but a limited edition, one of only 5000, Trunki. Making our little chap as unique as me (some say odd,I like to go with unique). I’m sure you will all agree he is a lovely looking fellow.

I showed the children the Trunki for the first time on packing day. The plan was that they could pack whatever they wanted in the Trunki and they would then feel involved in the preparation for our trip. Obviously what actually happened was two excited little boys piled the suitcase high with completely unsuitable tat such as an egg box painted silver and their pine cone collection.

After some negotiations, we filled it with things to keep them entertained on the plane. They filled it with colouring books, snacks, stickers and cuddly toys. The only negative thing I would say, is that only the bottom half has elastic holding in the contents. This means you don’t really want to put too much in the top half as it will all fall out when opened.

At the airport the Trunki really came into its own. The principle of the Trunki is that children can sit and ride on it, either using their feet or being pulled along by the handle. Both children enjoyed being pulled along on it, but my youngest boy was absolutely besotted with it. He quickly learned to steer and had a huge grin on his face while he was riding.

I really am impressed with the Trunki. It definatly made our experience at the airport easier (and let’s face it you would employ an Entertaining Goblin for a large fee, if he claimed he could make taking children to an airport less horrific!). My only question is, when are they bringing out an adult sized one, with harnesses for my children to pull me around on when I’m tired ?

Disclosure: Trunki supplied us with a free Quinn Limited Edition Trunki. My opinions (and my bad jokes) are my own.