I love the BBC’s Strictly Come Dancing. Seriously I have singled handedly started a family tradition, in which we all gather in the lounge religiously to watch it on a Saturday night. Here are my thoughts.

The Judges: Judging panels on reality TV shows have become the modern day pantomime. We have the Villain (Craig Reven Horwood), the Hero/s (Alicia Dixon and Len Goodman) and of course the Pantomime Dame (Bruno Tonioli). They are completely predictable, have no legs, and are let’s face it, an ideal moment to make a cup of tea.

Bruce Forsythe: Bruce Forsythe has been entertaining us on TV for around 1000 years.Fact. Around 50 greyhounds are shaved each week to provide him with his thick glossy wig. A team of five script writers (aged between 70-100) work tirelessly (between bridge, The Archers and nap time) to write his jokes.
Strictly would just not be the same without Brucie!

The Celebrities: As a trained dancer I can absolutely assure you that it does not bother me that talented dancers are unemployed, while we pay untrained (often useless) so called ‘celebrities’ to learn to dance. I absolutely do not think, that it would be better to have a dance program where actual dancers competed against each other. Seriously, bothered, me? No way!

The band: The Strictly Band and singers are Magical Elves. They are like a real life juke box, sounding like whatever record has been chosen. It is a powerful magic responsible for this phenomenon I tell you.

The Dresses: I like to imagine I’m not a particularly girly girl. However the sequins and swishiness of the dresses is a huge part of why I love Strictly. I want the Strictly Costume Pixies to live in my wardrobe and design me a new purple sparkly swishy dress every day for me to wear on the school run.

I love Strictly Come Dancing.It’s up there with Christmas for brightening up winter. Here’s to another 1000 years of Brucie and here’s hoping that Anton du Beke can still swing around the latest hopeless case when he’s on a mobility scooter.

Long live Strictly Come Dancing.