Today I spent three hours at my local children’s casualty department with Wonder Girl. After these three hours I was seen by a Dr who informed me Wonder Girl has a virus and will get better in her own time. She also added that I should bring her back if I became more worried. This statement is where things get complicated for me.

I admit I am a little (OK a lot… OK far too much) neurotic about my children’s health. Obviously the initial trip to casualty was made because I was fairly worried, and she is fine. So exactly how worried do I need to be to make that trip.

I have had a fair amount of Dr’s visits and casualty trips in my five short years of parenting. Possibly some of this is because I have three children. I also think I need a better awareness of when to get them seen by a Dr and when to wait. But how do I know the difference between a cold and Tropical Monkey Ooga Booga disease?

I would rather be the mum who went too often than the mum who missed something that needed treatment. But I will try harder to hold fire and follow the guidelines so as not to waste mine, or the Drs time again.