When my eldest started school I hoped it would make my life easier (30 hours a week free childcare with an education thrown in for good measure hooray). However what I hadn’t banked on was the myriad of requests that would quickly start coming home.

In the short time since Super Kid started the requests have included ; cakes for the bake sale, decorated bunting, and a plate of food for food around the world day. Don’t misunderstand, if crafts are your thing or you love a good PTA meeting then thats brilliant. However I have three children under five, mental health problems and a strong aversion to crafts.

With Christmas approaching I can already predict the requests that will be made. Christmas bake sale (can I pass off bashed up Tesco mince pies as my own?) Costumes for the nativity play (can my son be an innkeeper in modern day jeans and tshirt please) and I’m sure I’ll be manning a store at the Christmas fete. I honestly wish I had the cash to employ a team of crafty pixies to help me with this extra workload (I’m sure that’s what all the yummy mummy’s do)

Help me folk, how do you deal with all this ? Do you feel your heart sink when your little one rushes out of school clutching a note from the PTA? Or do you reckon I’m a real Scrooge about all this ? I need your tips and ideas for keeping up with the demands , I’m sure my children will appreciate it.