I’ve published some posts recently about my struggle with my mental health. These posts were hard to publish for fear of being judged by my readers. I didn’t want to put people off reading my blog by admitting that I suffer from mental health problems.

Today I am going to admit another big scary one, but as I want to be honest and open with my readers, I’m going to own up and hope for the best.

Last week I was admitted to a phyciatric ward. A specialist mother and baby unit. Baby Wonder Girl and I are spending about a week here so I can get support and treatment with my most recent bout of Post Natal Depression.

I have to say that this ward is not at all the image you will have of a phyciatric unit. Because it is designed for mothers and their babies it isnt scared or unpleasant.It is modern and clean and only houses four inpatients and their babies.

The unit is staffed by a team of physiatrists, phyciatric nurses, occupational therapists, nursery nurses and health care assistants. While I am here I get a chance to rest, and talk about how I’m feeling without making anyone feel uncomfortable. It is just the space I need and I’m already feeling more positive.

It has also given me a chance to think about the changes I can make to my day to day life to help my mood. I realise that most of my friends are living in other parts of the city. Now that I am tied to the school run I need more local friends, mum friends.

So when I get out of here this will be my mission. I am going to brave the toddler groups, and small talk (admittedly not my speciality). I think parenting would be much easier with a sense of community, so this is what I’m looking for.

I need help with this mission. I need your top tips for where to find the mummy friends, then once I find them how do I bag them? When I’m depressed the first thing I lose is my confidence so how do I take it from the toddler group to a friendship ?