I am stuck in hospital at the moment so I have been struggling to find something to blog about. Deprived of day to day blog fodder and feeling pretty low, I asked the hillarious Mother Venting (whose blog is marvellous do go check it out) to help me out. She suggested this, who would be at my dream dinner party ?

First of all I love eating. So my first thought was that my dream dinner party would be a solo affair. Images of waiters bringing me plate after plate of deliciously descendant dishes. Me scoffing said dishes with my face covered in the evidence !

However this is not a particularly social way to dine so I gave some consideration to some dinner companions. First up would have to be a Leprechaun. There isn’t a food in my opinion that doesn’t go well with marshmallows (I dare you to find one).As you know Leprechauns poop marshmallows over everything as they walk, so they would make a fantastic dinner companion.

Secondly, would be Kirsty Allsopp. I actually have a little girl crush on Kirsty Allsopp. She would arrive with a charming handcrafted gift, possibly a posey of flowers from her garden tied with her own hair. Then she would teach us all how to make our napkins into squirrels. Brilliant.

Thirdly, I would invite a camel. First up I think camels are the ultimate indignant animal. It would fill the place of the indignant dinner guest with a bee-in-their-bonnet (or in the camels case a hump on their back). It would politely chew, then at appropriate times when conversation gets heated,spit and really confirm its point. A camel really is the ideal dinner guest.

Fourthly, and finally I would invite The Incredible Hulk. First we would hang out with his alter ego, then if things get dull, what a party game! Whoever goads the Hulk till he turns green gets to open the after dinner mints. Also once in Hulk mode he eats up all the leftovers and plates, reducing the need for tidying up. Perfect.

So this is my dream dinner party. What do you reckon, who would you have at yours, hospital is pretty dull, keep me entertained with your comments.