So here I am still in hospital. Unfortunately as the days are pretty routine here I’m not finding a huge amount of inspiration for my blog. I’m also thinking blogging about the antics of the other patients would be inappropriate (though that’s taking some serious self control because there is definite inspiration there)

So I’m digging into my past today for an embarrassing moment(of which there are many because I have always been a bit of a ‘case’) that might entertain you. That’s right I’m good with using my humiliation for your laughter, I’m such a giver.

Many years ago there was a time that I made a little bit of a fool of myself on the bus to college. I did my A-Levels at a college that was around a half an hour bus journey from home. It was one of those autumn days where you cannot predict what the weather is going to do. So I had worn layers.

Anyway as the bus journey went on the bus became more crowded. With all those bodies on the bus it became a little warm. I started to feel slightly faint with the heat. So I pulled off my top layer, a long sleeved top, leaving on a vest top.

After this I sat back and looked around the bus. Strangely I noticed other passengers were staring and a group of boys were giggling. After about ten mins of this I started to feel a little paranoid. So I looked down at myself to see if anything was amiss. At this point I noticed my error. When I had pulled off the long sleeve top I had in fact also pulled off the vest and was sat on the bus wearing nothing but a bra.

What is worse it wasn’t even a nice bra. It was the worn grey comfy one you wear when you are sure that no one is going to see it.

Then of course I was left with a quandary. Did I casually pull on my clothes and sit there as if nothing had happened. Or alternatively dash off the bus at the next stop, potentially somewhere I didn’t know and get lost. I went with dashing off the bus, found myself in the middle of nowhere and waited another thirty mins for the next bus!