I am still in the Mother and Baby Unit for my Post Natal Depression. As it turns out this place is a little bit of a ‘buy one get one free’ of mental health problems for me.

There is a winter vomiting bug rife in the country at the moment. Some of you may be vomiting as you read this in fact (though don’t because you will get puke on your iPad). Anyway it has struck the ward, big time. To date we have had three babies and around nine members of staff down with this bug.

Now this situation is kinda my own personal paranoid hell. Firstly I hate sickness bugs-more than your average person. You might even say I am slightly phobic of them. Secondly, generally speaking if there is a sickness bug to be caught, I will catch it (it’s like the germs are attracted to purple or something). I have had six separate virus/food poisoning incidents in this year alone.

So back to my new mental health problem (because I don’t quiet have enough issues), I have developed a bit of an obsession with hand washing. Probably sensible given the current climate. I have also developed a slight obsession with anti-bac foam for that post hand washing, squeaky clean feeling. My foam is in a rather natty orange canister and I whip it out with the sense of authority that a surgeon might feel with his scalpel.


Now just this afternoon a staff member went down with this nasty bug whilst on shift. No sooner was she out of the door than the orange canister come into play. I cleaned door handles, sofas, tables, I even cleaned the remote control. The nurse sent to cover the sick nurse (and not familiar with the unit) asked me if I worked here. When I replied no, that I was simply cleansing the ward, she gave me the same look that I reserve for Robo Boy when he tells me that when he grows up he is ‘going to be a robot.’

So perhaps in fairness I am being a little over the top. Also, perhaps I should be concerned that the actual OCD patient here has started looking at me as if I’m bonkers, when I start cleaning. But I have to do all in my power to prevent me and little Wonder Girl from contracting this nasty germ. I really need to get well and get home to my family. I’m pretty sure that vomiting isn’t going to make this happen any faster. Heck, I can always get treatment for OCD later…