Mealtimes with my middle son Robo Boy had recently become a bit of a problem. I think he is a male incarnation of young Goldilocks. His food cannot be too hot, nor too cold, it has to be just right, otherwise he will flat out refuse to touch it.

So instead of tucking into my own dinner I first have to spend at least ten mins with him blowing,and testing,and blowing some more. Until finally his meal meets his exacting requirements. Believe me with this kid it’s easier to just go with it, he is stubborn.

I was reading another blog recently and came across a product which grabbed my attention. This product is the Cool Fan and it interested me for two reasons. One it is designed to do just the job when it comes to cooling children’s meals. Secondly it comes in four character designs. One of which is called Robo Boy, which to me meant this product was meant for our family.

I have to admit I was sceptical about whether this was slight overkill for the job at hand but having used it I am sold. It sits over the plate, cools the food and entertains the child at the same time. Brilliant. What more can I say, here’s a picture of it at work.


Disclosure: I was given a Robo Boy Cool Fan worth £9.99 in exchange for writing this review. My opinions (and my stubborn children) are my own.