I have always had a little bit of a competitive streak when it comes to The Nativity Play. This year my eldest son is in reception class and this is the year that they have the honour of doing The Nativity. I have to admit (and I know I sound like a proper alpha mum saying this) but I did see Super Kid as an ideal candidate for Joseph.

So when he came home with his Angel costume, I did feel (don’t hate me for this) a little disappointed. It has made me realise two things. One, I have huge potential to be a massively nutty stage mum. Yes I would be happy backstage polishing my sons ballroom shoes swapping gossip with the other (women without lives of their own) mothers.

Two, I have some unresolved Mary issues of my own to deal with. You see I really wanted to be Mary, despite being a grubby, chubby child,I wanted to bear the messiah. We did The Nativity every year at my church and I slowly rose through the hierarchy of roles. First, I played a sheep, and I’d like to think its the fact that I really shone in that role that lead to my eventual promotion to Shepard.

After that I played Innkeepers, Wise Men, I even eventually got the role of Angel, several years running. Finally my turn came, it was announced that I would play Mary. Im honestly not sure if my Auntie bribed the priest but I didn’t care. I was to play The Virgin Mary.

Unfortunately the role did not come without some turmoil. As Mary I had assumed that my doll Tiny Tears would naturally play the role of Jesus. With her golden locks she was ideal for the part. However the priests daughter had other ideas. She wanted her large (frankly a little on the ugly side) doll to occupy the manger for the pivotal scene.

Eventually it was agreed that since I was Mary my doll would be in the manger. All settled or so I thought. When the moment came for me to pick up the doll and sing to the crowd “we will rock you” (no not the queen version) I noticed it was the wrong doll. So instead of singing or rocking I flung the baby from the manger with a cry of “that’s not Jesus” as indeed in my eyes it wasn’t.

It was a Nativity disaster. And I was never asked to play anything more than tree in the corner again. So perhaps, this is why I was hopeful that my son would take the leading role. However having seen him in his gorgeous costume, looking pleased as punch, I am thinking that Angel is a very important role after all. I cannot wait to see him next week, and I’m sure I would be proud of him whatever part he took.