So here I am still in the hospital for PND (yada yada yada yawn). Anyway one of the warning signs for my husband that my depression had got pretty bad was my non existent social life. Now normally I am not a big fan of spending huge chunks of time on my own. There are too many pixies that occupy my mind and can set to work with their crazy ideas if I’m left alone for too long. So I tend to be pretty proactive with setting up social arrangements to meet with other mums and do stuff or just hang out over coffee.

However since Super Kid started school and Robo Boy started preschool I’m much more tied to doing my socialising in my local area. Basically I am tied to four school runs a day ! Unfortunately most of my ‘mummy’ friends live in other parts of the city. This is partly because we have moved about the city a lot, only recently settling on the area we live in now.

So in an effort to lift my depression and create a new mummy network in my locality I have decided to try some mother and baby classes. These in theory will be occupied with other mums with babies, I have a baby ergo new friends.

So today I tried a baby singing class. Now I tried to have an open mind. I like singing, I like Wonder Girl, so how on earth did this class make singing to Wonder Girl mind numbingly soul destroying. Perhaps in part because of the manic teachers completely over the top, children’s tv presenter esq, cheeriness. Possibly because all of the songs were massively contrived versions of already popular tunes , changed slightly to fit the classes theme. I don’t know what it was but even Wonder Girl was ready to leave five mins in.

As I looked around the room, at the other mums, the expressions ranged from tired, and bored, to as depressed as me (and let’s not forget folks I’m in a mental hospital). It seems a shame that these women felt compelled to part with their cash for this class which no one (apart from the crazy teacher who was actually wearing doodle boppers) was enjoying.

The bored housewife/part time worker with disposable income has lead to a whole new industry. Mummy and baby classes are real money makers and there is seemingly nothing that cannot be turned into an infant appropriate class. You can do yoga, singing, dancing, football, tennis, swimming. All this for tiny tots. I’m going to cash in and start an infant pole dancing class, might be more fun than this mornings experience.

To be fair I have only tried one class with the crazy doodle bopper lady. So I will give her class another chance, if only to drag the bored mums to the pub afterwards (coffee shop people, I am kidding). I really do need some local mum friends, they are the salvation of the stay at home mum. So I welcome suggestions, where did you meet your mummy friends ? Help me people or Wonder Girl is stuck with me for her only playmate, well me and the pixies.