Its been an eventful couple of days for my family. Christmas is looming and has no regard for my post natal depression and in patient status. I have two little boys who are very excited about Christmas so I have had to leave the ward for various festivities.

First up was a visit to see Father Christmas and do a little bit of ice skating. Father Christmas asked the children what they wanted for Christmas, my eldest asked for something not on his list or ever requested, desired or heard of by us before. Equally frustratingly Father Christmas promised him he would bring it. Last minute trip to Toys R Us for us then !


After this we headed for the ice rink. Ice skating has become somewhat of a must do Christmas activity over the last few years. Outdoor rinks pop up everywhere over the holiday period. Having been pregnant for most of this trend I had yet to try it. Having last skated when I was about eight I imagined I would be fine. In fact more than that, I actually imagined I was going to be somewhat of a natural. I would probably glide onto the ice, graceful as a swan and put all the other skaters to shame with my beauty and ease.

In fact when I shuffled onto the rink with Super Kid it quickly became apparent that not only was I not a natural, but I was in serious danger of ending up on my bum, fast. Super Kid had a small penguin to hold onto for support and quickly headed off, I shuffled after him clinging onto the side of the rink. Super Kid looked a little disappointed in me and then offered me the penguin while he happily skated solo. The shame of holding onto a child’s penguin overridden by the fear of falling I skated around doubled over until my back gave in.

At least when Super Kid swapped with Robo Boy for his turn (Dave conveniently had a bad knee so couldn’t possibly skate with a child) I could pretend I was helping him hold onto the penguin. The kids however had a fantastic time, and I even felt a glimmer of happiness (rare at the moment) when holding Super Kid’s hand skating round to Slade.

The next festive item on our calendar was watching our very first Nativity. With Super Kid in the role of number angel. It was wonderful. The kids all looked as cute as can be in their various costumes. There were some fantastic moments including, lots of nose picking and waving at Mum and Dad. Finally at the end of the show Super Kid had his moment. Holding his number four up high in the air at the appropriate time in the song , he waved it around enthusiastically almost taking Mary’s eye out !

Christmas is coming no matter what my mood, and I will not let this illness spoil it for my kids. The festivities keep coming (preschool Christmas party tomorrow) and I will keep on going. Top of my Christmas wish list ? That my antidepressants kick in and I can actually enjoy some of the celebrations,