Father Christmas is real. That’s what my two children believe and a little part of me (the part that believes in pixies) believes it too. This is why when Super Kid needs more details about the man himself I have no trouble answering him. Here are the facts as I’ve found them so far this Christmas.

One: Elves are originally from Finland. Super Kid was unsure whether elves could possible be real. His concern is he has never seen anyone in real life with pointy ears. I explained that some people have black skin or brown skin, some people have different shaped eyes. Obviously there is a country where the people have pointed ears. Picking a country unfamiliar to Super Kid I went with Finland. So all elves are originally from Finland and some emigrate to the North Pole to work for Father Christmas.

Two: Father Christmas outsources. Super Kid has realised that some of the same toys Father Christmas may be expected to produce can be found in shops. He was pondering whether all the toys are made at the North Pole. He’s a sensible lad and wondered,why would the elves make those particular toys when they could simply shop for them? I explained that while a lot of the more unique toys are made by the elves, some elves (specialists) travel the world sourcing toys already made and picking them up for Santa.

Three: Elves are very good at hiding. Super Kid wondered how Father Christmas was going to know whether Super Kid was good at all times. The obvious response would have been that I personally keep Santa updated. Unfortunately I was a little distracted and may have told him that Santa’s spy elves are always watching. Here’s hoping he can sleep tonight!

I am thoroughly enjoying embellishing the fantasy. I hope my kids believe for as long as possible. I love the magic and the excitement. After all I’m thirty (something) and I still believe.