My children are literally bouncing off the walls with excitement. I am threatening to call Santa and let him know that they are not being good little boys (everyone has Santa on speed dial right?). I have also told them that if they are not good they will get sacks of coal instead of presents.

Even as I make these threats I am aware of what absolute crap parenting the whole Santa good list, bad list idea constitutes. As a parent my philosophy’s revolve around being fair, consistent and honest. The whole Santa bonanza blows all of these ideas out of the water.

First up Santa, now obviously I know he is real. However the rest of the adult world is somewhat sceptical and so one day my children are going to come to the same conclusion. They will assume I lied to them and that the whole Santa story is just another of Mum’s insane ramblings (pixies, cloud machines, toast fairies etc). They will be horribly disappointed and then they will go on to do the same thing to their offspring.

Secondly consistency, I think not, if you see my earlier post on Santa facts. I scramble around for information whenever my children need more detail and hope for the best on them forgetting any inaccuracies.

Also when has anyone ever actually given their child a sack full of coal or no presents or whatever your seasonal threat has been? If you ever have please let me know so I can come round and play you “A Christmas Carol” dvd on repeat until you have the idea of Christmas straightened out.

So basically we are making extremely empty threats. An idea unsupported by all parenting books. Does this make me feel comfortable? No, do I still do it ? Heck yes, especially in shopping malls/supermarkets when my two eldest boys are wrestling underneath an extremely wobbly looking stand of mince pies. Empty threats seem preferable to pastry disaster, and at that point my mind is so full of tinsel I can’t access any of my other mothering armery.

Obviously an option is to go with the whole Santa story but omit the bit about being good to get presents. However honestly who in their right minds is going to turn down the opportunity to bribe their children to be good for an entire month? Certainly not me.