I don’t know about you but by the time boxing day draws to a close I am usually feeling sluggish and sick from the sheer quantity of chocolate and other Christmas food consumed. I also have a small pile of presents, most of which I love, and at least one which I dont. So for you my loyal readers (and the guy from Japan who googled hot turkey’s and somehow ended up here) I bring “Top Uses For Christmas Rubbish”

Nut loaf and stuffing : Luckily as a vegetarian I do not have tons of unwanted poultry to deal with. I do however have leftover nut loaf. Traditionally the period between Christmas and New Year is a time when people may have some time off work. Possibly to do some DIY improvements. This is where nut loaf comes in brilliantly. It is multi functional and will work equally well as grouting for the bathroom, foam filler for insulating your brick work or even cement for more serious renovations. Now if you are a meat eater, don’t worry, stuffing will work equally well.

Sprouts : Love them or hate them Christmas isn’t Christmas without their green sprouty goodness. However as top of a recent survey as the nations most hated vegetable (poor thing, even cabbage got a better rating) there are bound to be some left over. I think an ideal use for leftover sprouts will help you beat the crowds and grab the best bargains in the January sales. What you do is sew them together to create a coat and hat. Wear said hat and coat out to the sales and marvel as the crowds part to let you through. Yes you will smell rather like a fart and look rather like a nutter but the deals you will grab will make that all worth while, go on give it a try.

Mince pies : my husband loves mince pies, so we rarely have any left over. Here’s what I do with the odd ones we have left. I buy a box of apple pies, which are nearly identical from the outside. I then lay them all out on a plate. This gives me and my good friend (who is allergic to mincemeat) a fun evening playing mince pie Russian roulette. It’s brilliant fun and she almost never needs to go to casualty.

Unwanted presents : Everyone gets at least one thing that given the choice they would rather not have. Here’s what I do. First of all don’t forget your manners and make sure that you write a thank you note to the person you recieved it from, telling them how much you hated it, that way you ensure they never give you a gift again. Problem solved that end. Then you regift the gift to someone you don’t like, simple.

So hopefully this guide will be helpful and do feel free to leave me your tips for getting rid of unwanted Christmas crap, I’m always after new ideas.