I have been tagged by two lovely fellow bloggers to take part in this meme ( not that I’m sure what the word meme actually means??). So thanks to Mummy Alarm and the ever funny, touching, lovely Mother Venting for including me.

What was your happiest event?

A bit of an easy one for me … The purchase of my iPad !! No seriously obviously the most wonderful event of this year (and I’m sure ranking highly in my life also) was the birth of my beautiful daughter Wonder Girl.

What was the saddest thing to happen?

Its pretty complicated and private so I won’t go into the whys and wherefores but basically someone who was important to me is no longer a part of my life. Very sad but unavoidable.

What was the most unlikely thing to happen that actually went ahead and did?

I celebrated my tenth wedding anniversary in a Pizza Express in the middle of the day with my children (and some friends and family). Mid way through the meal my middle child vomited all over the floor and table and made the place stink. Three quarters of our guests left. I STILL ordered and enjoyed pudding.

Who let you down?

Someone who I will not name, it still hurts.

Who supported you?

Through this bout of post natal depression there have been some really shining stars. So shout out’s to my mil Coral, what can I say you have been an absolute rock and I love you. Alex and Laura for being brilliant and never making a big deal out of it, you are a truly special family and I hope we are all friends forever.

Jenny, for cake baking and tolerating weirdness, you rock.

Finally but most importantly my magnificent man. Sometimes you get it wrong, sometimes you get it spot on but throughout you love me and what more could I want.

Tell us one thing you learned?

What doesn’t kill you will make you stronger.

Tell us one thing that made you laugh?

Robo Boy scooting into a recycling bin and landing head first into it. His little legs poking out. Proper cartoon moment.

Tell us one thing that made you cry?

Impossible in a year with so many tears. So I’ll go with happy tears at the birth of my daughter.

Tell us three things your children did to make you feel proud?

Super Kid started school. When I went to his parents evening his teacher told me I have a very bright, independent, sociable boy who is a pleasure to teach. My heart swelled.

Robo Boy started preschool and everyone fell in love with him and told me so.

Everytime I hear what a lovely baby Wonder Girl is I feel proud. She is gorgeous, laid back and happy. I’m hoping when she’s older she will teach me how she does it.

Tell us one thing that made you proud of yourself?

One of my blog posts got mentioned on a tots 100 list by Sally Whittle. Probably small fry to most but to me it meant a lot.

Tell us one challenge you overcame?

I survived a summer at home with three children four and under. I was proud.

Is there anything you would like to change about your life in 2012

I would like to find ‘me’ in amongst the Lego, sticker books and potatoe waffles. I’m hoping my blog will help me do that.

So that’s about it, all that’s left is to tag some others to take part. I hope they do because I have enjoyed reflecting back on last year and feel ready to rock on into 2012 now.

So here goes

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