My eldest son turns five in a couple of weeks. He asked me to arrange a party for him to celebrate with his friends. I was all set for the challenge. I was going to be supermum and arrange a wonderful party at home. I would be like Nigella and Kirsty (without the hired help) and craft everything from scratch. The food, games, and decor would fit his chosen them of Cars, yet nothing would be shop bought or tasteless.

I would host the herd of five years old whilst appearing unflappable. Dressed in my Boden tunic (sorry), with perfectly manicured nails and funky jewellery, the other mums would watch with awe. The children would be delighted by me and declare Super Kid’s party to be the best they had ever attended.

When the party was all over and the house back to perfect order my children and I would curl up on the sofa, which would have changed from nearly collapsed blue and saggy, to purple velvet and in perfect order.My son would look at me and say “Mummy your the best, I loved my party thank you”.

However returning to the real world I am mum to three small children. I am rubbish at crafts. Some days simply keeping up with the laundry is an impossible task. I am chasing my tail and if I attempted this challenge it might just push me over the edge!

So ……. I booked the local soft play. All that will be required of me will be to turn up with a cake. The kids will be entertained, the food will be prepared and there will be no clearing up required at all !! My son will be happy, there will be friends, cake and presents.

The reality is that I am a perfectionist. I love the idea of being this show home mum I picture in my head. She is calm, patient, loving and skilled at crafts and baking. However I bet underneath it all this woman is just like me, only better at covering it up. So I’ll proudly flaunt my inadequacy for mothers everywhere, to feel better about being ‘good enough’.