My children love their Micro Scooter’s (and no this isn’t a review post we payed for them, although an adult one to join them on would be lovely ) and I love the idea of them. 

After going for a walk with my eldest when he was a toddler, I realised I had to do something about the pace at which we progressed. Seriously if I had stuck with that pace we would have only just got to the library and that was three years ago. So I decided a scooter would help. I imagined him scooting alongside me keeping a reasonable pace and loving every minute of it.

Now initially this is what happened but after a while he developed an aversion to scooting uphill. Our walks became very slow climbs uphill followed by me running after him downhill shouting slow down. Not pleasant or relaxing. So back in the buggy he went until he got older and more prepared to scoot uphill.

My middle son started coveting his older brothers scooter shortly before his third birthday. So Grandma bought him one for his birthday. He was thrilled and doesn’t generally mind scooting up small hills. There are a few problems though. Firstly Robo Boy is very clumsy, I mean he could fall over lying down. So he falls a lot. He also seems to manage falling a lot into puddles and mud.

However over the last few weeks his scooting has improved dramatically. So yesterday when he asked to scoot on the school run, I said yes. I also took the buggy board just in case.

A friend of mine rather kindly helped me with the school run yesterday as I am a little woozy on the new med’s. What I remembered of the trip up the big hill to preschool was that Robo Boy scooted brilliantly all the way up making very little fuss. Brilliant I thought , no more tripping over buggy board on school run.

So this morning I took Wonder Girl in the buggy and Super Kid and Robo Boy scooted. I chased them all the way to the school. No problem we got their quickly. After dropping off Super Kid we headed to preschool.

Well, firstly Robo Boy fell in a puddle soaking his mittens. Then he demanded that I pull him up the hill on his scooter. As I pictured yesterday the fog cleared a little and I suddenly remembered that in fact my friend had pulled Robo Boy most of the way to preschool. My illusion that he had so brilliantly done it on his own was the result of a heavily medicated fog.

So we had a slow very whiny walk to preschool as Robo Boy insisted his scooter was to wet after the puddle incident. Tomorrow morning, I will be taking the buggy board!