In early November I was asked to review a Giant Cupcake Cake Mould. The product arrived the day I was admitted to the Mother and Baby unit with post natal depression. I have been feeling pretty bad that I have not fulfilled my end of the bargain and tested the cake mould and posted a review.

I have been climbing the mountain of my mood and baking any cupcakes (let alone giant cupcakes) was the last thing on my mind.

Since I have been enjoying baking recently I decided I was feeling ready to give the cake mould a try. I filled the giant cupcake moulds with:

15 oz butter/caster sugar and self raising flour
7 eggs
tsp of vanilla extract

You put all the ingredients in a mixure and beat until smooth. If you don’t have a mixer then cream the sugar and butter until pale and fluffy. Then beat in the eggs and vanilla extract. Finally sieve the flour and gently fold until just mixed.

Bake the giant cupcake slowly at a low temperature. If the outside cooks too fast then cover in foil.

This makes a massive amount of cup cake mix to fill the monster sized cup cake mould. The giant cupcake is made in two moulds a bottom and a domed top. The top cooks faster in around 35 mins, the bottom takes 45.

After the giant cupcake was baked I sliced the cakes where they would meet so it would have a smooth join. This is where I cheated somewhat (come on I have three kids and am still depressed) and used Betty Crocker chocolate fudge frosting. I joined the two parts with the frosting, then smothered the top with more.

Then I got out a selection of cake decorating bits and bobs. I let the giant cupcake decorating team (my two eldest) at it. They had a fabulous time making the cake look as lovely as I was hoping it would taste. Then the final touch, a sprinkle of edible ‘disco’ glitter. I was very pleased with the results.

We all had a slice and it was declared delicious by the head giant cupcake tester (my husband). So in conclusion I think that this is a great addition to my cake tins/moulds. A lovely novelty cake I can whip up for family celebrations. Also it’s not complicated proven by making mine while looking after five children, attending to an eBay pick up, comforting a stressed friend and organising sandwiches for lunch.

Disclosure: I was given a Big Tops Giant Cupcake Mould by Find A Gift my opinions and cake decorating skills are all my own.