When I gave birth to my second baby I attempted to go to the supermarket with a twenty two month old and a baby. It was not fun, more than that, it was akin to having my eyelashes pulled out by pixies, yuck. The baby screamed for milk all the way round the supermarket. In the meantime my toddler pulled random things off shelves and put them in my trolley. I went home with an odd assortment of products and have still yet to find a use for oyster sauce, and that was three years ago.

After that I decided to start shopping online. The van turns up , your shopping comes out, you get slightly the wrong yoghurt but who cares because noone’s crying. My supermarket of choice is Tesco (really, and not cos they are paying me to make their stuff sound great, though they are obviously). This choice is mostly because I have figured out how to make the most of their points system. I have a wallet full of loyalty cards. Ones for cafe’s, clothes shops, and a well known chemist. Honestly I’m not entirely sure what the points mean and when I have enough to buy more than a toothpick, or a single child’s sock (no use to any two legged child).

Tesco’s clubcard on the other hand I have mastered (I’m not a bit ditsy honest). I buy stuff , in the shop, online or on petrol, and for every pound I spend I get a penny’s worth of vouchers. Every now and then (I’m not sure exactly when, possibly when the moon wanes or the tides change) you get a lovely envelope through the door stuffed with vouchers. You could spend those vouchers in store or online. I have to say that would be foolish. I am a wise penny pincher and I adore summit for nuffin.

So I have used my vouchers in the following ways (all true and not cos this is all sponsored and stuff). I have used the triple value reward scheme. This means you can triple the value of your vouchers if you spend them on the wide range of rewards Tesco offer. Through this scheme my family of five have had two free trips to Legoland and two free trips to Thomasland. I have also used the doubling up scheme and managed to fill my home with remote control toys for the boys for Christmas. Basically I got double the value of my points to spend in the online toy department. The ability to break my leg as a remote control car drives into me has cost me absolutely nothing, bargain. So basically Tesco Clubcard deals are pretty cool. If you are already using them then ace, see you on the balloon ride at Legoland. If you are not and have loads of points stuck to your fridge, get to it and get your free stuff.

*This was a sponsored post. I’m sorry if you feel all sold out and stuff but I need money and my pixies need new hats.