This weekend I enjoyed a divine two hours of girly shopping with a friend and (get this) no children! It was wonderful, I lingered, I browsed, and no one interrupted my rambling chatter (not even my friend). On the drive home we observed something which I think has become a bit of a phenomena. I will call it the “my car is in another dimension” phenomena.

Stopped at the traffic lights we observed in my rear view mirror a veritable disco taking place in the car behind. There was dancing (as much as the constraints of a seatbelt will allow) and singing, it was a party. Now I have to admit I did have a little giggle at the middle aged nightclub in the sensible ford focus behind me. However thinking about it , I too have fallen into the trap of thinking that “my car is in another dimension”.

This summer I became absolutely obsessed with the latest Adele album (along with half the country). I literally became a steering wheel diva every time I went for a drive. Two things happened as a result of this. One my three year old knows all the words to “Rolling in the Deep” and can sing it with a passion worthy of any of the greats, if not the vocal range. Secondly both children refuse to listen to Adele anywhere but in the car, as it is “car music”. Fair enough I suppose.

I think my most embarrassing “my car is in another dimension” moment though belongs to Abba. I was singing along full blast to “The Winner Takes It All” when I suddenly realised I had my window open, had stopped at a traffic light and was next to a van full of builders all having a good old laugh at my vocal stylings. I weighed up my options and decided the best thing to do in this situation was to look them in the eyes, continue singing and be proud of my Abba appreciation. Then drive away as soon as possible.

So the next time you’re in a car, enjoying your favourite tune, remember your car is not a sound proof, invisible secret place. It is essentially a metal box with windows into which people can see your secret Karaoke. I’m not suggesting you stop enjoying your stereo (gosh no) just to remember when you pull up at the traffic lights be aware someone may be enjoying your performance.