It may still seem a while away, but Easter is fast approaching, and as always there are many preparations that will need to be done. One of which is planning the Easter Egg hunt for the children. The weather may, hopefully, improve by the time it’s Easter, but there are no guarantees. In case the weather does continue to be bad, or you simply want to do something special this Easter, then consider creating a hay maze for the kids.

It’s easier than you think, as all you need, is the right space and some hay. Small hay squares can be bought from several farms, some of which even deliver, just check your yellow pages. Hay squares are ideal for the maze as they can be stacked easily. In regards to space for your maze, consider places like garages or garden sheds. If possible, I’d recommend using a shed, as the wood walls give it a more farm like feel.

Now, all you need to do is stack the hay squares into a nifty maze. The walls of the maze needn’t be too high, just be sure that your oldest child can merely peek over the top of it. When hiding the eggs take the children’s age and seeking abilities into account, as I’m sure you already do. For the oldest the eggs could be scattered deep within the maze, while the younger ones could find their eggs in more obvious places, such as on top of a maze wall, as opposed to within one.

Once the hunt is over, the maze can still be enjoyed with the children finding their way to the end individually, or it can be reconstructed into a hay fort. If you’re worried about clean up, opt for stapling a plastic tarp to the floor of the shed. This ensures that bits of hay don’t fall through the floor, and once the fun’s over you needn’t sweep up the loose bits of hay, simply remove the tarp and roll it up hay and all.Happy Easter and happy hunting.

This is a sponsored guest post. Try not to feel I’ve sold out, more that my pixies have new hats and pretty new pointy shoes.