I am having a good day. I feel reasonably cheery, and optimistic. I achieved things today including the baking of some rather delicious cherry and chocolate chip cookies. I didn’t shout or cry at my children, hooray.

I am currently averaging one of these kinds of days to every two “I am really struggling to cope, not cry, and keep plodding on” days. This is an improvement from where I was two months ago. So tomorrow I am being discharged as an inpatient, I am going home.

I will be coming to hospital as a day patient, just one day a week, to continue to get support. So six days and seven nights of the week I will be in charge again. I will be cook, cleaner, launderer (clothes not bank notes),child wrangler, baby entertainer, extraordinaire.

I won’t lie, I am apprehensive about how I will cope. After three months as an inpatient it’s going to be strange to be in the real world full time (well as real as it gets for a pixie loving, purple wearing odd bod). It is simply hard work having three small children, that’s just a fact, so I am going to have my moments. So to finish off I’m going to share a funny story from today, these are the moments that I’m going to hold onto as I adjust to my ‘real’ life.

I took Robo Boy to playgroup this afternoon. He is currently going through an interesting (slash infuriating) stage. He has discovered shopping and every time we leave the house he is asking for things. Including rather amusingly his own ladies handbag earlier in the week.

So this afternoon he has his eye on a bouncy ball. He asked all the way to playgroup if I would buy it him. I told him “no shopping today, only playgroup”. When we got to the playgroup he started to play with a toy telephone. He then proceeded to bring it over to me. He told me he had been talking to daddy on the phone and that daddy had said that I should buy him his bouncy ball on the way home! I didn’t let him outwit me though (I am just about cunning enough to keep one step ahead of a three year old). I simply had a chat with daddy on the toy phone , and informed Robo Boy daddy had changed his mind and we should go straight home, no shopping. Hilarious!