Over the past few decades the meaning of celebrity has changed . The word used to convey images of glamorous film stars, dripping in diamonds. Or wild rock stars with unusual habits. If I’m honest the word celebrity now makes me think of desperate attention seekers, trying to make lots of money as quickly as possible.

So just incase you fancy a slice of the modern day celebrity lifestyle I have put together this guide. Just follow the simple easy steps and you too can live the celebrity lifestyle.

1.Find a way to become famous. In today’s culture there as many ways to become famous as there are celebrities. You could enter a talent competition, marry a footballer or advertise car insurance. It really doesn’t matter, all that matters is the exposure.

2. As soon as you have had some attention make sure to capitalise on that attention. Any tv company willing to film you , go for it, it really doesn’t matter what you’re doing. Some ideas include celebrity vets, celebrity rock climbers or even something simple and obtainable like celebrity hoover the living room.

3. Column inches are key. Dignity is completely irrelevant. The ideal scenario is obviously a relationship, marriage, baby, and breakdown. Even better if you can cover all this within the space of a week. Don’t forget wannabe celebrities people love to feel superior, so give your public that pleasure and watch your bank balance grow.

4.If you are really struggling to attract the attention of the media here is a more extreme way in which you can get it. Everyone loves an unrealistic aspirational weight loss story, so obviously first step is to pile on the pounds. Afterwards you lose it through a combination of unhealthy, extreme dieting and personal training. Then you lie about how you did it and launch a fitness DVD or sponsor a dieting program. This idea can be repeated as many times as you fancy.

Finally do not worry if your celebrity starts to fade. There will always be another opportunity to humiliate yourself for the public’s entertainment. After that you can be sure your career will be revived with no end of offers for advertising campaigns and pantomimes flooding your agent’s inbox.

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