I have always tried to do my bit for the environment. I reuse, recycle and try to live a low impact lifestyle. Having children has made it harder to stick to my principles. The amount of brightly coloured plastic that now inhabits my house is enough to make a landfill pixie shudder.

So I was really pleased when Beco contacted me and asked if I would like to try out their Eco feeding set. This set is made from the plant fibres found in bamboo and rice husk, which makes it both durable and biodegradable, unlike more conventional plastic bowls.


As you can see the set is really easy on the eye. When it arrived I was impressed that all the packaging it came in is also biodegradable, top marks. The set consists of a bowl, plate and cup. The cup is a perfect shape for my preschooler to hold and drink from without spilling. The best item in the set for us though is the bowl. My baby has been using it daily since it arrived. This is because we are doing baby led weaning, this means she needs to be able to pick up her own food. The bowl is very shallow making this task a lot easier than with conventional baby bowls.

The price of the set is £11.99 and you can buy it directly from Beco. Overall I love this set both for functionality, appearance and the fact that is easy on the earth.

*Disclosure: I was sent a Becofeeding set to write this review. My opinions have not been swayed by this, they are my own.