My family are vegetarians (actually Piscatarians, but lets not complicate things). I became a vegetarian when I was 11, back in 1980 something. My mum was not keen on this idea because she was concerned that I wouldn’t get enough protein for a growing girl. In the end it all got very heated over a sausage at my Grandad’s birthday buffet, my mum gave in, and I became a vegetarian. She then spent lots of time researching alternative protein sources and making me eat a lot of peanut butter.

Luckily for me (especially since my youngest son doesn’t like peanuts) their are now many more ways to get your protein as a vegetarian. My personal favourite is Quorn. It’s available to cook from scratch with (as mince and Quorn pieces) and in ready meals, deli products, and snacks. My family eat various kinds of Quorn at least three times a week. As well as being versatile and convenient Quorn is also pretty darn healthy (yes, yes, this is a sponsored post and they want me to tell you this, sorry). It is a cholesterol free source of protein, fibre and essential amino acids. As an added bonus your favourite recipes made with Quorn will reduce your calorie and fat intake, leaving you with more calories to spend on cake, fantastic!

My personal favourite Quorn based recipe is for fajitas. My children love filling and rolling their own fajitas and my husband hardly ever swears when he has overfilled his fajita and it spills all down his chin (attractive). Here is the recipe:

1 bag of Quorn pieces.
Container of button mushrooms.
1 red pepper.
1 Onion.
Grated cheese.
Sour Cream.
Ground Cayenne.
Salt and Pepper.
1 packet of wraps.

1. Fry the Quorn pieces with a tablespoon of olive oil, 1 teaspoon of ground Cayenne, and the salt and pepper.
2. In another pan fry the mushrooms, pepper and onion with the garlic.
3. On the table put the fried Quorn pieces, mushroom mixture, and other ingredients.
4. Fill your wrap with any combination of ingredients, and enjoy.

If you would like to find more Quorn based recipe’s head over to the website (link). Then once you have created your culinary masterpieces feel free to visit their facebook page and post pictures for fellow Quorn eaters to admire (gaze enviously at your superior culinary skills).

Disclosure : this was (obviously) a sponsored post. I know I know it’s so not cool and my blog is no longer pure but my pixies need Quorn for their favourite snacks.