I decided to bake some cakes, vanilla cupcakes to be precise. I picked up Robo Boy from preschool, gave Wonder Girl some toys, tidied the kitchen, turned on the oven and prepared the ingredients. Robo Boy washed his hands, put on his apron and grabbed his step stool.

I gave Robo Boy the task of separating the muffin cases and putting them in the muffin tray, a nice easy job. I started to weigh ingredients. I noticed Robo Boy putting three muffin cases at a time in the muffin case. I separated some muffin cases for him and told him to use those. I went back to weighing things. Wonder Girl started whinging, I gave her a biscuit.

I noticed Robo Boy had ignored the muffin cases I had separated and was still putting three (or more) at a time into the muffin tray. I said “shall mummy do it and you can put the butter in the bowl. I put the muffin cases in the muffin tray.

I gave Robo Boy the weighed out sugar to put into the mixing bowl. Robo Boy tipped sugar into the bowl and all over the work top and floor. I cleaned that up. I asked Robo Boy to break eggs into the mixing bowl. Robo Boy got egg on his hands. Robo Boy got very upset about the egg on his hands, I comforted him. Robo Boy washed his hands.

I started mixing the ingredients using the electric whisk. Wonder Girl started fussing. I breastfed Wonder Girl. I changed her nappy. I washed my hands and returned to the whisk. I put the mixture in the muffin cases and put them in the oven to cook. Robo Boy wandered off to play. Wonder Girl started fussing I put her in the sling on my back. She fell asleep.

The cakes cooked beautifully. I got them out of the oven. I started putting them on a wire rack. The doorbell rang. My friend and her two children arrived. I got the children settled in to play. I made my friend tea. I finished putting the cakes on the wire rack.

I chatted to my friend, whilst standing up (Wonder Girl in sling on my back remember). I went to pick up Super Kid from school. I put on the Nintendo for Super Kid. I started to tidy the kitchen to make butter cream. Super Kid and his friend wouldn’t share the Nintendo with Robo Boy, I told them to share. I went back to tidying. Robo Boy came crying that they still were not sharing. I returned and told them more firmly to share.

I went back to tidying the kitchen. Wonder Girl started fussing. I breastfed Wonder Girl. I put her in her high chair and went back to the kitchen. She started fussing lots, I put her back in the sling. The children finished playing Nintendo. I suggested they play outside. I put on their shoes and coats. I opened the sandpit.

I returned to the kitchen. Super Kid wanted to help. I weighed ingredients and used the electric whisk to mix. Super Kid wanted to try it. I gave Super Kid the whisk and crossed my fingers. Super Kid whisked the butter cream to perfection.

I spread the buttercream on the cakes and Super Kid carefully put decorative stars on them. I sprinkled edible glitter on each one. They looked fabulous.

I got the children in from the garden and sat at the table. We all ate cake.

– Super Kid is five, Robo Boy is three, Wonder Girl is ten months.