I love music. When I was a teenager I had a bright yellow double tape deck and radio. I spent Sunday afternoon’s listening to the chart show on Radio One with my finger hovering over the record button. Now I have outgrown Radio One (I’m officially old now but I couldn’t kid myself any longer) and Sunday afternoons are spent child wrangling but I still love to listen to music.

So I give you my top ten songs (for today, I am fickle and may change my mind tomorrow).

1.Fast Car by Tracy Chapman. I love Tracy Chapman and this is a top tune.

2. Under The Bridge by The Red Hot Chilli Peppers. A band I am absolutely desperate to see live and a song I currently have as my ring tone. As someone who’s life has been affected by addiction this song touches me. I do not like the All Saints version because I think it loses all depth.

3.Morning Song by Jewel. Jewel is an American folk singer and if you haven’t heard her stuff you should. Morning Song takes me back to the early days with my husband , spending long lazy mornings in bed just enjoying each others company. Bliss.

4.Kooks by David Bowie. When all my friends were in love with the New Kids On The Block I was obsessed with David Bowie. Unlike my friends my love for his music has endured my growing up. Kooks is my favourite of his because it makes me think of time spent with my Dad as a child. He was unpredictable and a little crazy and we did “throw the homework on the fire and take the car down town’.

5.She’s Electric by Oasis. I am from a family full of eccentrics, perhaps I’m electric?

6.Slight Return by The BLuetones. Makes me think of my first love as he put it on a mix tape for me.

7. The Waitress by Tori Amos.

8.Creep by Radiohead. I’m sure I’m about 15 years too old to relate to this song but I do, not every day any more but on the bad days.

9.Common People by Pulp. I saw Pulp live before they became huge. It was a pretty small venue and a pretty intimate gig. They were brilliant !

10.The Way It Goes by Gillian Welch. My husband discovered this fabulous folk singer on You Tube. This song helped me channel my feelings throughout my recent hospital stay for post natal depression.

There you have it, todays top ten songs. I open it up to you readers. Tell me about your favourite song and why you love. I love discovering new music so let me in on your playlists.