Dear parking sign, could you please display the parking rules a little more clearly. I read it wrong and came back to a nasty yellow ticket on my windscreen. Now I am cross and I have only got myself to blame.
love a considerably skinter purplemum.

Dear chinese takeaway, when I ordered plain noodles I was hoping for plain noodles. They arrived with carrots, spring onions and bean sprouts. This meant my children wouldn’t eat them and I had to eat them all, now I feel sick.
love fatty.

Dear cat owners please could you stop your cat pooping on my garden, it makes me gip as I’m cleaning it up.
love purplemum

Dear locking pixie are you tired ? I appreciate you need a rest but I only ask you to do the central locking on my car every couple of days. While you rest your pixie feet I am child wrangling in the road whilst trying to unlock the car with a key.
love your loyal driver.

Dear So and So...