When I was a little girl one of my favourite toys was my fuzzy felt set. I have not bought my children fuzzy felt to play with (it would be for them to play with, honest) because I have not found a set that lives up to my childhood memories.

Then I received the Create-a-World set and it took my children’s fuzzy felt experience one step further (again seriously their experience not mine ). The set has a huge luxurious grey felt mat and 90 gorgeous felt pieces. The range of pieces will stimulate every child’s imagination as they are so diverse. Everything from fire ladies (yes this is an equal opportunity set) to dragons, from robots to princesses.

Using Create-a-World my children set up some seriously strange scenarios such as a knight rescuing a rocket ship from a crocodile. An imagination explosion.

So if your looking for a toy that relies on imagination rather than brightly coloured plastic and batteries I would recommend the Create-a-World set for your toy collection.

Create-a-World costs £49.95 and is available from WhiteStep.

I was sent a Create-a-World set to review, my opinions (as always) are my own.