In 2010 I fell in love. This new love changed my life in ways I could never imagine. My new love entertained me, showed me new places, saved me money and even stopped me from ever getting lost. In fact without my love this blog may never have been born. My love has revolutionised my life and I appreciate what it’s given me.

However recently as often happens in relationships I have noticed a negative side. An insidious, controlling side. As in all love affairs things have soured somewhat. I have noticed that my love is demanding. It ย is coming between me and my friends, my husband and even my children. It demands attention whenever or wherever I am. It is distracting, annoying and sometimes down right rude.

If you haven’t already guessed I’m talking about the love I have for my iPhone. It really is marvellous with its maps, mobile social networking, camera and other useful apps. It really has changed how I use my phone (and also makes me feel a little bit like I’m in Star Trek). However I the way I have been using my phone is verging on addiction. I check social networks around fifteen times a day. I google regularly and thats on top of texting and phone calls. Sometimes I just gaze at it, knowing their it has so many uses and wandering what to do next.

This has got to stop! At best it is distracting, at worst neglectful. I should not be playing with my children with my mind half focussed on twitter (it should be half on where I hid the chocolate biscuits, far more healthy). When I am spending time with my friends I should be focussing my attention on them.Plus my husband is infinitely more fun and interesting than Facebook.

It has also become obvious that the person suffering most in all this is me. My already fragile mind has felt splintered, and distracted. Always thinking about something else or trying to do two things at once. Feeling that if I don’t keep on top of all this virtual interaction my blog will suffer, my stats will fall. This all feels important because I’m writing this blog dreaming of a something that takes this passion I have into a clearer form and makes it a career for me.

Regardless my first priority is and always will be my children so I am drawing a line in the sand here. I will not be social networking when I am with them. When I am in my mum/cleaner/cook/taxi service role I will commit to being that. This will be a hard habit to break, particularly when my husband is indulging his passion for Words With Friends. It is right there in my pocket, so easy to grab and have a quick peek.

Tomorrow I will be spending a (probably rainy) day at home with my children and I will be with them, present in the moment. You will not see me on twitter, I will not be responding to comments. To modernise an old saying social networking will be here tomorrow, my baby won’t keep. Feel free to comment letting me know how you cope with the pull of the smart phone or laptop. I will be excitedly checking comments in the evening when my children are in bed.