I literally love my iPad. I love it for many reasons but one of it’s appeals is how much it entertains my children. When Jumbo offered me the chance to review iPieces (a new way of playing games on the iPad) I knew my children would want me to say yes please.

iPieces are literally game pieces which can be played, in conjunction with the free downloadable apps, on top of the iPad. They turn the iPad into a game board. There are four games, Snakes & Ladders, A Game of Goose, a Fishing Game, and Air Hockey. Unfortunately we were unable to download (or even find) the app for the Snakes & Ladders game so were unable to test it.

As my children are five and three they were naturally more drawn to the Fishing Game and the Air Hockey. They didn’t really get into A Game of Goose, but I’m sure they will when they are older. It is a game in which players move around the board in a race to reach the centre.

The Fishing game was really good fun. You catch the fish using the iPieces fishing line, but you have to watch out for the Heron who will greedily take your fish from you. This game really held my children’s attention and is a great addition to our games collection.

The real hit of the four is the Air Hockey. You use the iPieces to hit the puck back and forth attempting to score goals. This is really good fun and held my children’s attention for ages. iPieces is a fun addition to the iPad and as they are so small would be easy to take for playing in the car or on holiday when you might not take a traditional board game. However I’m not sure they add much to the iPad gaming experience anymore overall than say , using your fingers.

If you would like to give them a try they are priced £9.99 and available from Amazon.