This weekend I went to a blogging conference. Cybher was the first British conference for women who blog. I had no idea what to expect, and to be honest I wasn’t sure if I was most excited about the conference or the ensuing night in a hotel without children. In fact the first night away from all my children (save for giving birth and I really don’t think that counts) since becoming a mum.

I made my way to the big smoke on Friday afternoon. Oh the luxury of sitting on a train engrossed in a magazine without the cries of “I need a wee” or “I’m hungry” and thats just from my husband. On arrival at the hotel I had a teeny moment of I’m all alone in London, friendless (save for my pixies, they go everywhere) with nothing to do. A little tweet out for company though and I soon found myself in the bar with the lovely Jenny (JB Mum of One) and Cat (Cats Yellow Days).

A few short hours later and we were joined by Annie (Mamasaurus) , Helen (Actually Mummy), and Emily (A Mummy Too). I won’t say too much about Friday night as I was a little tipsy and consequently a little lacking in my usual social sparkle (hmmm well at least a brain/mouth filter). Basically there was chinese food (Instagraming of said chinese food), oranges as facial decor, a walk through the sex district, cocktails and a bar full of unlikely characters. Then there was bed, with chocolate (chocolate dispensers on every floor. Score !)

So the big Cybher day arrived and I nervously headed for the foyer to meet the lovely Carolyn (Mummy Alarm) to walk to the venue. Lets just say we took the ‘scenic route’ and arrived just in time. I’m not going to attempt to tell you everything that happened at Cybher, ย I’m just going to hit you with some highlights.

First up, yes yes there were the beautiful Cybher bags. The Cybher bag (made by The Leather Satchel Company) was a lovely leather bag (and yes I did observe someone put their nose in the bag and give it a good sniff mid session) ย which just so happens to be the perfect size for my laptop. I’m not superficial but I do love a pretty thing, this bag is pretty.

Secondly, the Thrifty Blogger session. Particularly the talk by A Thrifty Mrs. She gave an entertaining, comprehensive and inspiring talk on thrifty blogging. In fact watch this space for news on a new thrifty tips section right here on Purplemum. She was sweet, and funny and also happened to have a very soothing voice, good for over hyped blog conference attendees.

Third up, lunch. Not the Cybher food (though it was delicious and I did initially have a little can’t talk now to busy ramming food into my gob moment) but the conversation. I wandered round having fab conversation after fab conversation with my fellow bloggers. It really is fantastic how interesting and inspiring most of the bloggers I meet are, so thanks ladies.

Finally the train journey home. I caught the train home with the ever stylish Jo (Single Slummy Mummy) and we literally ate our way through large bags of chocolate buttons and jelly snakes. We chatted, and I was only slightly freaked out by the lady behind me who kept bursting into spontaneous laughter (hopefully at the book she was reading) for no obvious reason.

I arrived home from Cybher full of ideas, bursting to get started. Just what you hope for from this kind of event. So thanks to Sian and the team behind Cybher, I loved it.