I bet you didn’t know I had aspirations of being a style blogger did you ? To tell you the truth I am about as stylish as Dawn French in her “Vicar of Dibley” guise. I love a good jumper, and my comfy converse, and have never worn a pair of heels for fear of toppling over.

My children on the other hand seem to have ‘it’, I regularly receive comments on their clothing and get asked where I shop for them. So this gave me an idea and here is the birth of that idea “Stylish Sunday”. I may turn this feature into a linky at some point so if you’re interested in joining in do let me know and I will find out how to create such technical wizardry.

So here is the first shot, my boys Robo Boy and Super Kid striking their best poses just for you (child model scouts just so you know my boys don’t stay in bed for less than £20).

Robo Boy wears : Stripy trousers Ricchary, robot t-shirt retro, Shoes Oddsox.

Super Kid wears: Stripy trousers Ricchary, T-shirt H&M, Shoes Converse.