This week I learned an important blogging lesson. It turns out that posting your best content at the weekend is not a good plan. It seems that you lot are all out having so much fun at the weekend that you don’t have time to hang around my little old corner of the internet. So  after whinging for a short time, wringing my hands a little and convening with my pixies I am going to have a rejig. The new master plan for world domination (or at least more than just my husband reading my blog)  is thus, Money Saving Mondays and Trendy Thursdays (I’m hoping to reintroduce trendy as a cool word at the same time).

Meaning that today is the day for “Trendy Thursday” this week I have a real treat for you. Presenting Miss Wonder Girl giving you her best catwalk pose.

Next week Trendy Thursday will be a linky, so get your kids striking a pose in their best togs.

Wonder Girl wears : Skirt and body Baby Gap. Tights Pumpkin Patch. Waistcoat Retro.