As regular readers will know Robo Boy and Super Kid (my two eldest children) have been at home with chicken pox for the last week. Entertaining three children, without leaving the house, for seven days has proven to be a challenge. I have had to be pretty inventive to keep them occupied, as an added bonus, since we were unable to leave the house, the ideas were also money saving.

So for this weeks money saving monday imagine, if you will, that I am a Blue Peter presenter (preferably one of the cute female ones). For this week I am taking Money Saving extremely literally and we are making “money saving money boxes”.

You will need:

A large plastic milk bottle.

Several sheets of paper or newspaper.

Craft glue.




To make your money box :

1. Wash the milk bottle in warm soapy water, and leave to dry.

2. Using your scissors cut a slit in the side of the bottle, which has the handle (which will be the top when the money box is made), make it roughly the right size for putting coins in.

3. Glue the strips of paper all over the bottle until it is completely covered in paper with no gaps. Leave to dry.

4 Paint the money box whatever colour you fancy, this may need two coats. Leave to dry.

5. Decorate your money box however you fancy. You could make an animal (with the bottle top as the nose) or simply decorate with paint, pens or stickers. Robo Boy made a robot and Super Kid painted rocket ships on his.


So there you have it a money saving, make your own money box.