This week money saving Monday is going old school. That is the stuff that my granddad taught me about money saving, and he was a master. Little things that on their  own don’t make a huge amount of difference, but as they say “take care of the pennies and the pounds will take care of themselves”.

Five Old School Money Saving Tips.

1.Squeeze your toilet rolls. This is especially helpful if you (like me) have small children who   use way more toilet roll than they need. If you squeeze your toilet roll so it is slightly misshapen it will not roll off so easily and each pull will just release a few sheets. Your toilet rolls will last longer which is good for the environment and money saving.

2.Put your coffee grounds on your garden. My husband likes real coffee rather than instant, leaving us with a fair amount of coffee grounds. What we do is add a small amount of water and tip the mixture onto our pots and borders. The coffee is good for the soil, the worms like it and as an added bonus it keeps the slugs away because they don’t. Money saving fertiliser !

3.Only put enough water into your kettle for the amount of cups you want to drink. It uses less electricity and less water is wasted.

4.Only fill your petrol tank  half full when you fill up. Petrol is heavy and if you fill all the way up you are basically using fuel to carry the weight of the petrol, makes sense when you think about it.

5.Cut the end off your toothpaste. Toothpaste and other things that come in tubes (savlon, tomato puree) can be difficult to completely empty. What I do is cut the end off and get the last bits out. Every little bit helps after all.

Go on give them a squeeze.