My attractive and charismatic husband (yeah he reads my blog) is a keen gardener. Gardening is his main hobby and he finds it relaxing and fulfilling. Unfortunately gardening can work out to be an expensive hobby if you are not careful. Plants, compost, fertiliser, pots, chip bark etc all come at a cost and as a family on one income with three small children the garden is not a financial priority. As a result he has had to find ways to save money and has become a money saving gardener. Here I share his tips;

1. Collect your seeds. When your plants are ready collect the seeds. Keep them in a labelled envelope and plant them the next year. Free plants year after year, bargain.

2. Buy your plants from school fete’s. It is significantly cheaper to buy plants from school fete’s than from garden centres. So visit school fetes and look out for a bargain.

3.Innovative planting. Any container that can hold soil and have holes made in the bottom can be a plant pot. So use tin cans , plastic bottles cut in half, even old shoes to plant in. Not only is this tip money saving but it can also give your garden a unique, creative look.

4. Use coffee grounds on your garden as fertiliser. A reminder from last weeks money saving monday. Free fertiliser.

5. Divide your plants. Be patient (a useful quality for gardeners anyway) and wait for your plants to be big enough to divide. Then split them up and hey presto one plant becomes two, four, six etc.

6. Composting. Compost your waste and you have good quality free fertiliser, brilliant.

7. Swap and blag. Grow extra seedlings and offer them to other gardeners for swaps. In fact gardeners being the sharing kind will often give a cutting for free if you ask them nicely. So if you see something you love in someone else’s garden don’t be afraid to ask.

So there you have it, money saving gardening tips. If any of you have anymore money saving ideas for the garden then do share them in the comment section please.